How do we work?

We look like you

We know there are no magic solutions. That’s why we base our work on effort, knowledge, experience, information and we work with the same enthusiasm that you put in this adventure.


We execute your project quickly. So that values immediately, if you like how we work or not. And you value if we help you have results or not.


We need the right information to choose the proper way. We do not need endless reports, it is enough with 3 pages to be informed.


And as a picture is worth a thousand words. We present the information in graphic format, so that you assimilate it immediately.


Export costs time. Therefore, having experience in export and in the target market helps to shorten that time. And what is that time?. It depends on the degree of prior preparation and the level of commitment of the company.


To Know the market, competition, prices, differences, …


To Have an agenda of visits to potential customers.


To Know who (of all of them) can buy you.


To Receive, if everything goes well, a test order.


To Reach the Balance Point in that Market.


To Get revenues from that Market.   


Our work philosophy is oriented to obtain results for you. We work to make your work easier.

We have presence in several countries.

We operate on site with our network of vendors/consultants. But without getting away from you.

We have been selling and buying in different countries for more than 10 years. And we’re still here, something will mean.

We have sales experience

Selling in your country is difficult due to demand problems. Seek growth markets and work with experts that solve the barriers (customs, product adaptations, languages, communication, etc.). We have experience in all this, so that when selling “ you feel at”.

Information is the power

Not having good information or contacts in international logistics, currency market or international financing, purchase channels prevents you from being able to export.

Our experience here may be useful.

We know how to sell

We do not know your company as you know it, but we learn fast.

We may not have experience in your market; but We know how to sell and how to solve problems, yours.

Where we are?


We have a complete expert team in international trade operating in Spain and China.

Our headquarter is in the Torre Europa Building, Paseo de la Castellana 95, Floor 29.
Madrid 28046 (Spain)